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Shining a Spotlight on Bamboo Picture Frames

Posted by La Tourette's Gallery on 9/26/2019 to Product Spotlights
Shining a Spotlight on Bamboo Picture Frames
There is so much more to bamboo than “those plants that pandas eat.” These evergreen reeds, native to the southern and eastern regions of Asia, are some of nature’s fastest-growing plants, capable of shooting up two-and-a-half feet in a single day. Their combination of hardiness and bendiness makes them potent for making all kinds of items, and that includes picture frames.

Of all the different types of wood picture frames out there, bamboo picture frames are notable for their diversity in appearance and style. As people have discovered over the past few thousand years, the reed is highly versatile. With a little creativity, this material can add so much to the presentation of a photo or piece of art.

Panda Eating Bamboo

Color Options for Bamboo Picture Frames
If you assume that bamboo is universally green, then a glance at even a few pictures of these shoots will surprise and delight you. Unlike other kinds of wood, this type of timber is not limited to a single hue. You can find it in practically every color of the rainbow, including from brown to yellow to red and even to black.

That means you can find a similarly diverse range of bamboo picture frames. The best part is that these colors are all-natural. Of course, if you have your heart set on something covered with a silver finish or a white coat, bamboo can also work with that.

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Picture Frames
Anyone with environmental concerns can feel fine with purchasing this type of wooden frame. As we mentioned earlier, bamboo can grow at remarkable rates, to the point that you can notice it as the day progresses. This rapid regrowth renders them an easily sustainable crop, which is why conservation-concerned consumers and companies are increasingly turning to it.

Of course, there is more to a frame than the material used to make it. Customers can find plenty of bamboo picture frames designed to tackle other concerns related to the environment. These frames may utilize an eco-friendly water finish and even come in biodegradable packaging. You can keep your commitment to conservation and still have a nice-looking wooden frame.

Bamboo Picture Frame

Bamboo Display Mounts
Frames can come in all kinds of styles, and some are traditional while others are more experimental. In more recent years, some designers have tinkered with the idea of eschewing the border altogether. “Display mounts” still protect the photograph or artwork from dust and the elements, but they trade the border for a thick backing that causes the image to protrude an inch or so from the wall.

These mounts can be made with many materials. Bamboo, flexible as ever in its applications, may work beautifully for that purpose. This type of wood can be easily crafted into planks that support the picture and suspend it in the air. If you cannot find a more typical picture frame that complements your chosen piece of art, you may want to consider something more radical.

Bamboo is a humble plant that is undoubtedly more than meets the eye. Its unique properties have kept it popular across continents for thousands of years. In fact, thanks to modern practices and increased environmental awareness, it may be even more useful today than in its long history. There are so many ways to make a bamboo picture frame work with your artwork or picture. Consider giving it a try.
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