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Understanding the Types of Wood Picture Frames

Posted by Jeff Chan on 9/4/2019 to Framing Tips
Understanding the Types of Wood Picture Frames
When people try to visualize paintings, they often imagine them in ornate golden frames, perhaps with gold leaves and other gorgeous, intricate designs. However, you do not need to limit yourself in the conception of the border you should use for your pictures. In fact, Other materials might be more complementary, depending on the artwork.

The wood picture frame is one of the most common and relatively inexpensive options you could use for your favorite photographs. It also happens to be one of the earthiest, which can go splendidly with a variety of tones and subjects. Here is some information to help you understand the different types of wood picture frames.

Bamboo Frames

Bamboo reeds can bend in the wind, yet they are hard and sturdy — making them ripe as symbols of resilience and strength. Those unique properties also happen to make them excellent as materials for making, well, many things. For thousands of years, people have made countless items with bamboo, from clothes to sheets to their own houses to, you guessed it, picture frames.

Bamboo frames can be stunning. They can reflect more light than you would expect from wood. Their natural patterns of cuts and lines can bear a striking resemblance to manmade etchings on gold and silver frames. Lastly, they are versatile in their meaning: they can imbue their powerful connotations to your pictures, or simply make for a fun and different texture.

Poplar Frames

Poplar Wood Logs

Poplar is popular as a picture frame material for several reasons. These fast-growing trees are common to North America’s “East Coast,” which means their wood is less expensive than that of others. There feel can be rather soft for a hardwood, which makes them rather easy to work with. Despite this, it still retains the durability of hardwoods, giving their byproducts greater resistance to scratches.

Poplar comes in a variety of lovely colors, many of them appearing together in the same hunk of wood. However, if you want a specific color or color scheme for your frame, you can just add your coat of paint. Some types of wood take paint poorly, but poplar takes it like a champ.

Basswood Frames

Basswood Tree

Some people like to keep their wood picture frames simple, with four flat rectangular boards surrounding the picture. Others prefer a little complexity and seek out frames with carved and molded patterns. With its consistent coloring and its excellent grain, basswood may be the ideal material for these kinds of frames.

More than many other types of wood, basswood opens up all kinds of possibilities for personalizing your picture frames. You can have specific and meaningful words and phrases carved onto the frames, revealing the personal value of the photograph to all who see it. You could also find some with beautiful patterns, which adds an artistic touch to the presentation. If these kinds of custom frames sound appealing, then basswood is for you.

For the most high-quality wood picture frames on the market, look no further than La Tourette’s Gallery. All of our custom and ready-made frames are designed to make even the humblest pictures look worthy of a gallery exhibition. Shop with us today and discover how the right frame, with the right look and the right materials, can bring out the uniqueness of your favorite photos.
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