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How to Order a Custom Picture Frame

Posted by La Tourette's Gallery on 10/10/2019 to Product Spotlights
How to Order a Custom Picture Frame
Artists and art-lovers always strive to select the best in a list of options. After all, art is all about freedom and creativity, and there is rarely just one right answer. This quest for the ideal can be highly rewarding. However, it is hardly ever easy, and it can often be frustrating.

This extends even beyond the creative process itself. As we previously explored in our blog, choosing the right frame requires deep consideration. Thankfully, if you cannot seem to find any that match your vision, you could order a custom picture frame. Here is some information on how to do just that.

Selecting the Frame
Your search so far may have brought up frames that are pleasing in some qualities but lacking in others. Maybe the material is fitting but the color is ill-suited, or the overall design is pleasing but the finish does not quite work. With the help of a customization service, you do not have to settle for less. Instead, you can choose all the qualities that you want and put them together to make the perfect frame.

For inspiration, look no further than the piece that shall be framed. What colors and materials would be best for the border? Does it call for something traditional or modern? Something ornate or simple? Above all else, you should customize the frame so that it can complement your artwork or photo better than anything else you have seen. If you carefully consider those questions, you are more likely to be pleased with how the result looks on your wall.

Picture Frame on Table

Choosing the Size
On top of the various qualities mentioned in the previous section, you need to be particularly careful about the size of the frame. Its dimensions must match those of the artwork itself. You would not want an inch of the undoubtedly beautiful artwork or photograph to be hidden from view. Moreover, you would not want any of the backings, sometimes called the “rabbet,” to appear on the edges and distract the viewer.

To that end, you should break out the old tape measure and determine the height and width of the piece. Every custom picture frame manufacturer you find will ask you for these specifications, and an estimate simply will not do. When measuring, strive for precision. Do not simply round up to the nearest inch. In fact, try to get the height and width down to an eighth of an inch. The difference between 20 3/4” and 20 5/8” can make or break the presentation.

Picture Frames on Wall

What You Should Know About Custom Picture Frames
Each custom picture frame service has its own way of handling the request process. Some offer more options than others for materials, designs, colors, and maximum and minimum height and width. For example, La Tourette’s Gallery offers a diverse array of custom picture frames. They come in many types of wood and metal, with the potential for ornate beauty or rustic simplicity. The width and length can be as small as 5” by 5” or 36 7/8” by 36 7/8,” giving art fans more options for showing their favorite pieces.

White Picture Frame

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