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How to Frame a Mirror

Posted by La Tourette's Gallery on 12/18/2019 to Framing Tips
How to Frame a Mirror

Photographs, paintings, and other forms of visual art can all benefit greatly from the addition of a thoughtfully chosen frame. There are practical considerations, of course. Frames allow you to prop up or hang an image and display it to visitors. They also protect their contents from dust and damage.

However, the right choice can add nuance to the piece in question. Depending on the frame’s style — gold, silver, wood, ornate, simple, classic, contemporary, other — it could be bold, classy, quaint, warm, or something else entirely. Think of them as an extra adjective to describe the feelings you get when you look at the image.

This effect can even happen to the image of the self — and we are not referring to self-portraits or selfies. Frames can have a powerful impact not just on photographs and artwork, but also on mirrors. Here is some information on mirror frames.

Framing Mirrors: A Quick Guide

Thankfully, selecting a ready-made frame or ordering a custom one can save you the time and effort of making it yourself. With that said, the task is still more complex than simply picking out a frame that looks nice. As with almost anything involving the design of your home’s interiors, it will require careful consideration and good taste. Here are a few steps for getting the job done.

Take Exact Measurements

Few design flaws are more noticeable and embarrassing than a frame that does not match its intended contents. If it is too small, then it will be a waste. If it is too large, it would fail to properly contain the mirror and also be a waste. Thankfully, few design flaws are more preventable.

Before making a purchase, grab a tape measure and determine the exact length and width of each side. Jot the information down, including even the smallest fractions. Always round up as needed — a hair too big is better than a hair too small.

Account for the Frame’s Measurements

Once you note your mirror’s measurements, you may seek out a frame that claims to have those exact same dimensions. We advise you not to be so hasty about this, or else you just might commit a common and, frankly, understandable mistake.

You need to remember that a frame is designed to be wider and longer than its contents. When most merchants put a frame on sale, they will not list the length and width of the center, where the mirror would go. Instead, they would list the measurements of the exterior.

This practice may seem inconvenient when you are already trying to work with one size. However, knowing the total size of the frame and mirror can be quite useful. The information will help you determine exactly how much space you need on your wall for the new combination.

Throw In Some Framing Supplies

The mirror cannot remain suspended and stuck to the wall on its own. As you look into mirror frames, you will also need to look into additional supplies for getting the whole thing to stay in place. Some merchants, like us, offer supplies such as hangers, D-rings, screws, and fasteners, among others.

The process is rather simple, although you may want a friend to lend you a hand. Once you find hangers that are strong enough to hold the weight of the glass, fasten one or two into the wall. Take the D-ring, a wire that should already be on the back of the frame, and hook it onto the hangers.

Types of Mirror Frames

As you make your way through this process, you will need to choose the frame itself at some point. As we mentioned in the introduction, they come in a wide variety of styles, each adding its own unique nuance to the presentation. If you want to pick one that matches your overall aesthetic of the room, we can help you. Here are a few of the many types of mirror frames available out there.

Ornate Frames

Some people like to take the phrase “A person’s home is their castle” to another level. If the aesthetic for your home leans toward the palatial, or at least borders on fancy, then you may want an ornate frame for your mirror. These frames can come in gold, silver, or simply an acrylic imitation. The point is not the material (though it can certainly help), but the appearance, the shine, the ornamentation. You could stand in front of an ornate mirror dressed in tatters and still feel like royalty.

Wooden Frames

Earthier, more rustic environments may benefit more from encasing their mirrors in wooden frames. They may be simpler than ornate frames, but they can still look aesthetically pleasing. Different types of wood can result in different patterns running through the frame, and they can be easily painted to match the rest of the room. Plus, mirrors are for contemplating the human body, which is itself a part of nature. Wooden mirror frames can have the subtle effect of making you feel more in touch with yourself and the world.

Custom Frames

You can find mirror frames in just about any size, style, and color, but finding exactly the one you want can be difficult. Thankfully, you do not need to lose time on a search. Certain picture frame designers, including La Tourette’s Gallery, accept requests for custom frames. You can specify not just the size you need, but also the color, materials, engravings, and overall style that you want. Countless combinations are possible, and we can create exactly the one you want for your mirror.

Ready-Made and Custom Mirror Frames at La Tourette’s Gallery

We at La Tourette’s Gallery may offer picture frames, but as we said before, the applications of frames extend well beyond visual art. You can order a custom frame. You can order a frame from our clearance sale. Sometimes, you can even order a custom frame at clearance prices. Seize this opportunity while you can and contact us right away, so we can get started on building the perfect frame for your mirror and your home.

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