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The Artist’s Guide to Ornate Frames

Posted by La Tourette's Gallery on 8/15/2019 to Framing Tips
The Artist’s Guide to Ornate Frames
Centuries ago art was a luxury for the wealthy, but with modern innovations now everyone can have a masterpiece hanging above their mantle. As with the art itself, the ornate golden frames designed to show off the owner's wealth have become accessible to the every-day art lover.  The one thing that has stayed the same is that money can't buy taste, but lucky for Art lovers that can be learned. Let us show you some tips and tricks for pairing ornate frames with artworks for the most elegant presentation. 

Understanding the Types of Wood Picture Frames

Posted by Jeff Chan on 9/4/2019 to Framing Tips
Understanding the Types of Wood Picture Frames
When people try to visualize paintings, they often imagine them in ornate golden frames, perhaps with gold leaves and other gorgeous, intricate designs. However, you do not need to limit yourself in the conception of the border you should use for your pictures. In fact, Other materials might be more complementary, depending on the artwork.

The wood picture frame is one of the most common and relatively inexpensive options you could use for your favorite photographs. It also happens to be one of the earthiest, which can go splendidly with a variety of tones and subjects. Here is some information to help you understand the different types of wood picture frames.
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