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How to Clean Picture Frames

Posted by La Tourette's Gallery on 10/24/2019 to Picture Frame Maintenance
How to Clean Picture Frames

Owning a picture frame can make someone feel proud. It may not always be on the same level as, say, a modern car or a high-definition TV. And yet, people often look for a nice one that they can use to hold and display photographs capturing cherished moments. In this way, they can be quite personal, even intimate.

Obviously, if you like your picture frames, you should take proper care of them. This does not simply mean passing a feather duster over them — it means really working to get rid of any dust, dirt, smudges, and stains. Here is some information on how to clean picture frames.

General Cleaning

Despite what we said above, a feather duster is still great for taking care of dust. We do, however, recommend that you implement other cleaning materials to fully restore its cleanliness. After an initial and thorough dusting, the frame may still have some residue that needs removing. You can take care of that by spraying water onto a paper towel and wiping the whole frame, especially the corners.

This still leaves the glass over the photo itself, which may be smudged with fingerprints or other marks and stains. You definitely want it to be clear so you can better see those memories. Water will not do in this instance — instead, you should employ special glass cleaner. Spray it on the glass itself, and then spread it around with a paper towel. It should be good as new in no time.

How to Clean Picture Frames Made of Metal

The process we described above is not appropriate for all materials. Case in point: metal picture frames, whether gold, silver or something else. When these items get dirty, it shows more than other materials because they lose some of their luster. Depending on how much is lost, you should whip out some soap.

Some metals require their own special cleaning materials. Acrylic frames, for example, need an acrylic cleaner. Certain kinds of silver frames, or even frames that are only silver-plated, will need silver polish. The kinds that require it include sterling silver and unlacquered pewter. You should always read the details on the packaging, so you can know what kind of care the frame truly needs.

Caring for Wood Picture Frames

Wood picture frames have some unique needs that you must consider when cleaning them. Before you make any mistakes, you have to check if the frame in question has a finish. If not, then a wet paper towel will suffice. It is the same as with picture frames made from most other materials.

If it is finished, then you have to get polish specifically designed for wooden furniture. Once you do, just spray a little (and we mean a little!) onto a cloth (not a paper towel!) and proceed. You cannot skip out on getting that polish. It may mean a bit more spending, but it would also mean preserving the finish that makes the frame look good in the first place.

Hopefully, this advice will show you how to clean picture frames well enough that they always look great. The process is not exactly painstaking, even if cleaning might require more than water. As long as you follow the instructions in this article, you can handle this quickly, easily, and effectively.

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